Reno Valley Assisted Living & Retirement Center in Reno, Nevada

Reno Valley Assisted Living & Retirement Center provides an excellent quality of life for seniors in Reno, Nevada. We make independent living a reality. You can relax in our comfortable community, make new friends, and enjoy a range of fun and therapeutic activities. All of our well-appointed rooms have a private bathroom; some even have views of the mountains! Join our community and enjoy three healthy, delicious meals a day and 24-7 care from a dedicated team of staff.

Reno Valley Assisted Living & Retirement Center is located right next to the University of Nevada and within 2 miles of the two largest hospitals in Reno. Our residents enjoy the convenience and accessibility for visiting guests and family members. We are one block from the University of Nevada Reno Campus and a few blocks from Downtown Reno. We are in close proximity to St. Mary’s Hospital and Renown Hospital.

Imagine waking up each day, without a care in the world. Come to Reno Valley and this could be your future! VA Benefits/SSI/NNAMHS/County assistance accepted.

Reno Valley Assisted Living

Our assisted living community is very affordable.  With our care team taking care of everything, you can get on with your life, free from concerns about day-to-day living or medication.

Reno Valley Retirement Center

Looking for a beautiful, relaxing and safe place to retire? Reno Valley’s retirement community is the perfect community for independent seniors who want to enjoy a slower pace of life in attractive surroundings.