Enjoy Your Senior Years Stress Free
Safe and Happy

Reno Valley Assisted Living and Retirement Center is an assisted living community located in Reno Valley, Nevada, offering a wide range of services designed to meet all of our residents’ unique needs. We offer several assisted living options with a 24/7 staff that can help manage daily living in a safe and comfortable environment in a beautiful location overlooking scenic parkland while also close to major activities and entertainment in downtown Reno.

Reno Valley welcomes you at the front door with familiar sights, sounds and aromas of home. There is lively conversation in the parlor, laughter in the library and a helping hand from our caring staff when you need it. Our professional and compassionate caretakers are enthusiastic about creating an environment where well being is at the center of everything we do. Come see for yourself!

Imagine waking up each day, without a care in the world. Come to Reno Valley and this could be your future! VA Benefits/SSI/NNAMHS/County assistance accepted.

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