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Senior Activities and Events at Reno Valley

At Reno Valley Assisted Living and Retirement Center in Reno, Nevada, we have a variety of activities that can be tailored to each individual resident.  We are always looking to expand our events and social activities for seniors to cover all ranges of interests while creating social opportunities for engagement.

Entertainers and Guest Performers

We have a program of regular entertainers and guest performers, who come to Reno Valley to keep our guests entertained. You can enjoy fun performances at Christmas, 4th of July, and other holidays. We also organize birthday parties with entertainment, so every day of the week is party time at Reno Valley!

Church Services/Bible Study

Religious services are held once a week at Reno Valley Assisted Living and Retirement Center. Our services are non-denominational, so all of our residents are welcome to come along. We can assist with all of your spiritual needs. Come to a service as often as you like – there is no pressure. You are also welcome to join our Bible study class.

Exercise Classes

We believe regular exercise is very important for seniors. Exercise keeps our body strong and our mind supple. No matter how active you are, there will be exercise classes to suit your level of ability. We run regular weekly exercise classes for residents. These range from chair-based exercises to yoga and aerobics. You can get fit and make new friends!

Game Clubs

Do you have a passion for backgammon, poker, or chess? We run regular puzzle, card playing, and backgammon events. If you enjoy puzzles, there are plenty of people at Reno Valley who share your enthusiasm. We also run a trivia club if you are an oracle of trivial facts.

Group Walks in the Park

We are lucky enough to have the wonderful Dick Taylor Memorial Park right across the street. Residents are free to explore the park independently, but we also organize group walks in the company of carers. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and exercise on a fine day.

Shopping Outings

There is a local convenience store a short walk away from the center. We also run a free transport service to Walmart every Friday morning, accompanied by caregivers, depending on medical needs. You are welcome to hop on board, or if you prefer, catch a taxi or go with family and friends at your convenience. Kohls, Safeway, Walmart, and other major outlets are approximately 10-minutes from the center.

Ice Cream Socials

Love ice cream and want to make new friends? Come along and join one of our ice cream social events for seniors. Our team runs an ice cream social once a week. You can try new and exotic flavors of ice cream and meet some of the other residents.

Pet Therapy

Therapy pets visit the center regularly. Our residents love having a chance to fuss over a furry friend for a few hours.

Intergenerational Activities

Spend quality time with high school or college kids. This is a great opportunity to see life through a younger pair of eyes. You can be their mentor and they can remind you of how wonderful it was to be young and carefree.


Everyone loves a good game of bingo and here at Reno Valley, we are no exception. We organize bingo games three times a week. Come and join our Penny Bingo on a Friday and see if Lady Luck is on your side.

Arts and Crafts

Residents can have a go at a selection of arts and crafts at Reno Valley, including painting, drawing, coloring books, etc.


Gardening is a much-loved hobby for many of our residents. Come and join us in the garden and rediscover your green fingers.

Book Club

Love reading and want to share your thoughts? If so, join our residents’ book club. We read and discuss books in a group.

Movie Days

Come along to the movie room, grab yourself some popcorn, and settle down for a blockbuster, rom-com, or comedy in the company of your fellow movie buffs.

Magic shows

Who doesn’t love a magic show! We certainly do!

AA Meetings

AA meetings are held twice-monthly.

Resident Councils

If you would like to play a greater role in how Reno Valley is run, join the Residents Council and have a say in what we do. Our scheduled Resident Council meets each month. This is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Let us know if you would like to give back to the community and volunteer with our activities program.