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Retirement Living in Reno

Reno Valley Assisted Living & Retirement Center provides top-level services and amenities to complement the independent lifestyles of our residents. From restaurant-style dining to maid service, you can focus on living, without the hassles of the day-to-day. The commitment of our staff ensures a safe, fun, and inviting community for seniors looking to make Reno, Nevada their home.

What Does the Reno Valley Retirement Living Option Specifically Entail?

When you come to live at Reno Valley, you become part of the Reno Valley community. Retirement living communities are designed to help residents maintain their independence while enjoying a greater level of care. We want you to carry on enjoying life without the stress and anxiety of running a family home, traveling to medical appointments, and managing medication.

At Reno Valley Assisted Living & Retirement Center, you can enjoy living in a spacious, clean, and well-appointed room with a private bathroom and closet space. Our excellent dining services will ensure you have three nutritious, tasty meals a day and all the snacks, hot and cold drinks you need. We have an action-packed activity schedule with great classes, including arts and crafts, fitness, and games.

If you need transportation to medical appointments or anywhere else in Reno, we can take you. We also run a weekly shuttle service to the local Walmart, so you can do your grocery shopping.

How Many Residents Do You Have at Reno Valley?

Right now, we have 112 residents living at Reno Valley, but we are extending our community and soon we’ll have room for up to 129!

What Does the Average Resident Demographic Look Like?

The average age of a Reno Valley resident is ~70-years’-old. Most of our residents have moderate or mild health problems that are a common side effect of growing older, which require high-quality medical attention. Many residents are fully independent, but some require full assistance in everyday tasks.

Are Dining Options Different from the Assisted Living Options?

Retirement living seniors are free to eat meals in their rooms whereas assisted living residents eat in the dining areas.

What are the Different Floorplan Variations for Retirement Living?

There are no differences between the floor plans for assisted living and retirement living; you are free to choose whichever room best suits your needs.

Senior retirement communities are all about seniors retaining their independence. This is what we do best, so when you join the Reno Valley retirement community, you can continue living life to the full, free from the constraints of old-age.

If you would like more information about any aspect of assisted living, please contact us today. We are also happy to schedule a tour of the facility if you or a loved one would like to see what life is like in our welcoming community. We look forward to meeting you soon!